Climate Control [FanFan]


  • Office space splitted by climate zones

  • Each zone has sensor and is controlled by FanFan

    • Temperature sensor and controller

    • Fan speed controller

    • Humidity sensor

    • Fresh air CO2 sensor

  • Automatic climate control based on Machine Learning

    • Adapts to client preferences following individual Artificial Neural Network

  • Manual control option for Administrative Department

    • Both locally and remotely

  • Gathers data and commands from clients applications

    • Cellphones (iOS, Android)

    • Wearable gadgets (watches, fitness trackers)

  • Full temperature map of each floor in the building

  • Accurate to +/- 0.1°C
Climate Control [FanFan]

Outdoor and Indoor Location [GeoFan]


  • Office space splitted by location zones

  • Each zone has sensor and is controlled by FanFan

    • GPS / Bluetooth/ WiFi

    • Indoor Location

    • Identification of personality

    • FindMe option

    • Access zone restrictions

  • Helps to identify client climate preferences in each zone

  • Climate adjustment starts before client enters the office (using GPS)

  • Number of clients in each office zone

    • Clients with FanFan mobile app

    • Clients without app (identified by motion and noise sensors)

  • Full location map of each floor in the building

  • Accurate to +/- 1m
Outdoor and Indoor Location [GeoFan]

Lighting Control [FanLight]


  • FanLight controls lighting all over the office

  • Each switch is controlled by FanFan

    • Automatically over WiFi

    • Manually by Administrative Department

    • Manually by client

    • Voice control option

  • FanLight helps to save energy switching off lighting in office zones with no clients left inside (supported by GeoFan)

  • Supports necessary level of lighting

  • Keeps and adjusts client lighting preferences

  • Full lighting map of each floor in the building
Lighting Control [FanLight]
Easy Client Application [FanApp]

Easy Client Application [FanApp]


FanFan learns client climate preferences, relying on data received from client app.


Artificial Neural Networks process the data to create universal comfortable environment for all participants.


Ability to affect the indoor climate:

Just press one button to ask FanFan for more comfort


Remote adjustments in and out of the office.







Teach me [FanFriend]

Teach me [FanFriend]

FanFan core is Artificial Neural Networks, thus it’s able to learn on and on.


FanFan gives client the ability to influence the system and speed up it’s learning process.


Clients don’t need to adjust the climate manually, FanFan will do it for them.


“Teach me” function has a temporary mode option.   


Machine Learning [FanFriend]


Easy client application along with

intelligent FanFan service

powered by Artificial Neural Networks

Machine Learning [FanFriend]