What is FanFan?

It’s a high tech Artificial Intelligence creation, aimed to take 24/7 care of you within the walls of your office. It allows you to concentrate on creative and intelligent daily routine rather than spending time for elementary actions.

It turns a good feeling into your normal state, not an action to do.

We also think that all spheres of our lives are inseparable and exist in a strong interrelation, all together influencing our happiness. Job is usually the biggest time and concentration consuming item, especially if you really do what you LOVE, just like us!

That’s why we invented FanFan to make you feel way more comfortable and happy than you could be.

What is FanFan?


It not only takes away the necessity of switching AC controllers to make your office climate more comfortable on demand, it also takes a permanent care of the perfect climate even before you may feel uncomfortable.

It is energy & time saving + provides the whole range of AC systemcare (Fan coil units, air conditioners, valves). It frees you out of multiple JIRA tickets/e-mails to your Administrative Department with the sos message + it has “Teach me” interaction in case you preferences change.

It has morning-day-evening-night + presence-absence modes, taking into account various scenarios of your preferences during the day.

At the end it was born to serve people’s needs.

What FanFan does


Being an intelligent software, FanFan studies your own preferences and adjusts to your zone of comfort, as well as finding the best solution of how to combine your interests with your teammates (you know cases, when somebody feels hot, while meanwhile somebody else is just freezing).


It also takes into consideration the number of people, placed in one room and when this number changes during massive meetings or other occasions. FanFan is constantly studying, and it takes it a moment to analyze and adjust to even better scenarios of your office life.


What’s even more exciting is that it starts preparing for your arrival to the office when you leave your apartment, as well as sending you tips for the day: what to wear, what to drink and whether you need any additional accessories, like an umbrella or sunglasses.